Our Products


Our Wine, 100% organic, is the product of the ancient vineyard, a treasure about 30 years. We renovated the vineyard starting again the production with care and love. Our grapes are Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo, hand-picked in crates. The wine has scents of violets, cherries and undergrowth.


Our olives oil is 100% organic. The olives’ quality are Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio. The olives are harvested by hand in our olive groves located in the mountain, close to Cetona, at about 500 meters high, the oil is cold pressed, not filtered and is deep green, fragrant, special with salad and bread.


The Products from our vegetable garden are grown without using chemical products and fully respecting the natural cycles. The fruits are available to our guests. Depending on the season you can find lettuce, carrots, peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini.


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An authentic farm-stay experience, where you can enjoy the breathtaking countryside, interesting art and culture tours, delicious food and natural products.